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The Ocean Freight Forwarding Process – New Globe Group

Ocean Freight Forwarding

Shipping your goods internationally can be complicated and confusing. Businesses face multiple
obstacles in their shipping process. Hence, working with a qualified international freight forwarder
is very essential. The right ocean freight forwarder ensures that your shipping process is efficient
and standardised.

So, if you’re looking to understand the step by step ocean freight forwarding process, you’re in the
right place.

What is Ocean Freight Forwarding?

An ocean freight forwarding popularly known as sea freight forwarding is moving freight through
cargo ships. These freight forwarders have specialisation which enables them to efficiently ship
your goods from one destination to another.

Role of Ocean Freight Forwarders

Ocean freight forwarders are the logistics partners responsible for the facilitation of the
shipping services throughout the world.

Although freight forwarders do not ship goods themselves, they are much more specialized in the
entire project forwarding process.

The ocean freight forwarders understand the entire international trade and the regulations of

At New globe group we offer you flexible, reliable and secure ocean freight forwarding solutions.
Also, you get additional benefits like:

  • Spacious warehouses
  • Highly advanced state-of-the-art infrastructural facility
  • Excellent Machinery and equipment.

The New Globe Group offers the entire ocean freight forwarding process in compliance with the set
industry norms and guidelines.

Our expert ocean freight forwarding team not only follows ethical working habits but also focuses on
providing flawless services.

Moreover, our team is efficient and capable of solving any of the problems faced while

Because of this reliability, flexibility, feasibility, and standardization of services, today we are
one of the most renowned international freight forwarders in India.

The Ocean Freight Forwarding Process

Let us now take a look at the step by step ocean freight forwarding process.


Step 1: Documentation process and
obtaining the letter of credit

The first step in the ocean freight forwarding process is when the importer orders goods from a
supplier and asks for the quoted price for the goods. As soon as the quote is approved, the
documentation process is done and a letter of credit is obtained.

Step 2: Issuing of Commercial Invoice

Later, the supplier provides the importer with an order confirmation and a commercial invoice is
made. This invoice is a key document with details of the price and quantity of the sold

It is vital for the importer to keep the commercial invoice safe as it provides evidence and proof
of sale. It is essentially required for customs clearance purposes as well.

Step 3: The Freight Forwarder arranges
an export

Here comes the role of the ocean freight forwarder. The supplier approaches his ocean freight
forwarding partner and arranges the overseas export of goods.
At this point, there are various documents which are needed to be prepared by the supplier.

  • The Packing List: The supplier needs to prepare a packing list which will highlight all
    the information regarding the freight which is being transported.
  • The Certificate of Origin: The supplier also prepares the certificate of origin. This
    will be
    used to certify the location of goods in which they were produced.


Step 4: The right sized containers are

The goods you want to ship must be packed in containers of the right size. The container
specifications are as follows:

  • 20 ft. dry shipping container
  • 40 ft. dry shipping container
  • 40 ft. dry high cube shipping container
  • 45 ft. dry high cube shipping container
  • 20 ft. flat rack shipping container
  • 40 ft. flat rack shipping container
  • 20 ft. open top shipping container
  • 40 ft. open top shipping container
  • 20 ft. ventilated shipping container
  • 20 ft. refrigerated shipping container
  • 40 ft. refrigerated shipping container
  • 20 ft. tank shipping container


Step 5: The Goods to travel to the
international port

Once the goods are packed and ready, they will be transported to an international port for export
and the goods would be shipped.


The Bill of Lading

When a carrier arrives to pick up the goods overseas, a bill of lading is issued. A bill of lading
confirms that the goods were received by the carrier in a good condition.
The supplier will then need to provide the bill of lading to the importer. You don’t need to worry
as this shall be coordinated through your ocean freight forwarding team.


Step 6: The Goods will be processed
through export customs clearance and placed in transit.

After the bill of landing is issued, the goods will be processed through export customs clearance.
This is where all documentation is reviewed and checked by government agencies and then be placed in
international transit for shipment.


Step 7: Goods arrive in the importer’s
country and have to undergo import clearance.

At this stage the importer’s goods arrive at the final destination, the goods undergo an import


Step 8: Goods are transported from the
port to the buyer

Once the goods pass through customs, they will then be delivered to the buyer. This process is
known as the export haulage. This process can be facilitated by the freight forwarders or the
importer can also choose to collect the cargo himself.

The overall process is broken down into pieces to help you understand better.
But, it is not as easy as it sounds. For a smooth shipping process, a well established, professional
and renowned team of freight forwarders is very essential.
Also, in reality, the task might seem daunting to you, which is why freight forwarding firms are
crucial to your company’s success.

New Globe Group has 70+ years of expertise in freight forwarding and
provides expert ocean freight
forwarding services. We are one of the best sea freight importers in India/ sea freight exporters in

Our aim is to give befitting solutions so that customers can focus on their core business, and not
worry about the logistic process.

We have covered multiple destinations in India and worldwide. So no matter what the destination is,
your freight would reach the destination on time.

To know more, get in touch with our expert team today.

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