• January 11, 2024

Pharmaceutical Logistics Services for Import & Export in India

Best Pharmaceutical Import & Export Freight Forwarding Services in India
While importing & exporting pharmaceutical products, your logistics partner needs some special know-how of the growing demand in the pharma industry.

As pharmaceutical products range from healthcare, medical and surgical instruments to cosmetic raw materials, etc.
In many cases, these medicines may react to a slight change in temperature resulting in damage to the product as well.

So, pharmaceutical exporters in India require a high level of expertise in the field of logistics.

Today let us understand,

  • What is Pharmaceutical Import and Export Logistics?
  • What are the Types of Pharmaceuticals Imported and Exported?
  • The Benefits of Pharmaceutical Export Logistics by Air and Sea freights.
  • How Does the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Work?
  • How does The New Globe Group Provide Unique and Prompt services to our clients?


What is Pharmaceutical Import and Export Logistics?

In general terms, Pharmaceutical Import and Export Logistics carefully look after the handling, transport and chain management of multiple and varied pharmaceutical products.

Starting from packing to the import and export of pharmaceuticals, a vast majority of medicines need to be stored under a certain temperature. This is also taken care of by the pharmaceutical logistic company.

What is Pharmaceutical Import and Export Logistics?

The pharmaceutical industry constantly imports and exports a vast range of products around the
world every single day, which includes:

  • Biologics such as – vaccines, blood and allergens.
  • Prescribed drugs such as opioids, benzodiazepines and other stimulants.
  • Over-the-Counter medicines such as multi-vitamins, minerals, supplements, common pharma drugs, and dermatology products, etc.
  • Raw materials and bulk pharmaceuticals such as chemical compounds and APIs.

Primarily pharmaceuticals are in three main forms,

  • Liquid (spirits, elixirs and tinctures)
  • Ointments (creams, pastes and jellies)
  • Solids (pills, tablets, lozenges and suppositories)

Each type of pharmaceutical are well packed and stored in containers with the required temperature before they are imported or exported to avoid humidity and damage. Especially, biological products require careful handling and this is where cold chain supply management is used.

The Benefits of Pharmaceutical Import and Export Logistics by Air and Sea Freights.
Pharmaceuticals can be exported and imported via. multiple modes of transport, but the most popular ones are Air freights and Sea freights.

Benefits of Air freight in Importing and Exporting Pharmaceuticals.

  • If the product is not in bulk quantity, air freights can be the best option for importing and exporting pharmaceuticals.
  • Clinical trials or radioactive medications can benefit the most from air freights as they have a short shelf life.
  • Importing and exporting pharmaceuticals by air freights have very low risk involved in it.


Benefits of Sea freight in Importing and Exporting Pharmaceuticals.

  • Sea freights have improved cold chain facility.
  • If the product is in bulk quantity, sea freights might be the most effective and economical option for importing and exporting pharmaceuticals.
  • Sea freights may be the best option when you look at multiple facets of exporting pharmaceuticals overseas.


How Does the Pharmaceutical Import and Export Supply Chain Work?

While importing and exporting pharmaceuticals from one location to the other, the logistic company has to follow several steps in the process.

The steps in the export for shipping pharmaceuticals might include:

  • Packing: The generic drugs, vaccines or pharmaceutical products are made and packaged at a plant.
  • Transit: The medicines or pharma products are usually supplied in a refrigerated or insulated container truck via Air or Sea Freight.
    These containers or trucks have to undergo routine inspections based on temperature and hygiene to make sure they are in satisfactory
  • Storage: On reaching the final destination, the pharmaceutical products might go into cold storage before they are distributed.
  • Supply: In the supply chain logistics, the last process is where the delivery of goods is done to the final destination where the pharmaceutical is sold or administered.


How does The New Globe Group Provide Unique and Prompt Services to Our Clients?

As Pharmaceutical products need temperature-controlled storage, The New Globe Group focuses on supply chain and logistics to efficiently export the product to the end-customer at the right time and right place.
Also, the medicines are delivered in a secure mode and at a competitive operational cost.
With advanced planning and innovative strategies, we help many healthcare companies witness smooth and efficient import and export of medicines.

Pharmaceuticals are sensitive to high temperatures can become less effective, and even toxic in some cases. So, to preserve the efficacy of the product we provide these services:

  • Temperature controlled pharmaceutical warehousing.
  • Unique packaging method such as ‘The Thermo Pack’ is used for storing chilled samples that requires a sustained temperature of between 2° – 8° C Also, other cold chain facilities such as controlled temperature (15–25°C), cold storage (2–8°C)
    and frozen storage (<–20°C).
  • Packing of medicines is done based on the specific health care procedures.
  • Efficient and on-time communication, routing and tracking system.
  • Our freight team conduct audits and reviews of the products on a timely basis.


Final Thoughts

Pharmaceuticals are life-saving drugs and hence, it is recommended to choose the best and experienced freight forwarder for your shipment process.

New Globe Group is a logistics partner of choice for some of the leading healthcare pharmaceutical importers in India and abroad with over 70+ years of expertise in freight forwarding services.

Here, every single shipment is looked after by dedicated customer service executives whose sole job is to track your shipments and keep you updated.

With advanced technology tracking devices, you can view the location of your goods in real-time, from anywhere.
Moreover, the expert freight team is professionally trained to look after any issues caused while exporting and importing goods.
To know more about the pharmaceutical import and export services get in touch with our New Globe expert team for safe, assured and timely services.

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