• January 11, 2024

Top Advantages of Sea Freight Importers / Exporters in India

Sea freight is one of the most available modes of transport since water covers most of our planet.

One of the oldest options for freight transportation, sea freight has competitive advantages over other services.

Read on to understand the benefits of hiring a sea freight exporter in India/ sea freight importer in India.


As compared to air, road, and rail, sea freight services are more economical and affordable for bulkier cargo shipments. Moreover, the sea freight duty and VAT charges and maintenance cost are much less as compared to other services. As a result, sea freight rates are not high.

Live Tracking

Our Sea Freight Services offeres live tracking of our cargo and container which is provided by the shipping lines – The tracing is available on the NewGlobe website.


Air, road, rail services have a strict policy about weight, measurements, and dimensions of the goods. They also impose restrictions on certain products/items. Ocean freight services, on the other hand, provide greater flexibility in regard to space, weight, size, and dimension. The vessels can accommodate nearly any type of goods irrespective of their weight or dimensions.

Eco Friendly

Ocean freight services have a minimal carbon footprint as they consume lesser fuel in comparison
to airplanes and other vehicles. This attracts consumers who place their loyalty with companies
that offer environmental-friendly practices.

Transports Dangerous Goods

Ocean freight services also offer dangerous goods packaging services with proper paper work and lisences in place. So if you are transporting chemicals or other hazardous material, you may want to consider ocean freight so long as it follows all regulations and norms involved.

Ocean freight forwarders have special training in shipping hazardous goods. The vessels are sealed for extra security and the staff regularly examines the containers throughout the shipment process. New Globe Group is one such company that offers
sea freight forwarding services. One of the best sea freight importers in India/ sea freight exporters in India, the team aims to give befitting solutions so that customers can focus on their core business, and not worry about the logistic

At New Globe, the entire ocean freight forwarding process is done in compliance with the
set industry norms and guidelines. The ocean freight forwarders not only follow ethical working habits
but also focus on providing flawless services. Moreover, the team is efficient and capable of
solving any of the client’s problems and queries.

To know more about this sea freight importer in India/ sea freight exporter in India – get
in touch with the New Globe Group team.

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