• January 11, 2024

The Best Logistics Company in India- New Globe Logistik

New Globe Group is One of the Best Logistics Company in India

New Globe Logistik LLP is one of the best logistics company in India. We have a legacy of delivering promises since the 1950s!
We provide you with nonpareil solutions to ship your products from any corner of the globe to your desired destination.

New Globe provides you with a one-stop solution to all your freight needs which ensures ultimate safety and security of your freight. With the combination of our expert knowledge, we understand the internal and external requirements of our customers and fulfil it with our strategic

Our aim is to provide viable, technology-enabled, cost-efficient solutions to the most challenging supply chain and logistics which would make you feel that – New Globe Group is one of the Best Logistics Company in India.

Our Commitment to you!

Whether you’re an international company or an individual looking for the best logistics services- in case of innovative solutions for your worldwide supply chain, we are here for you! We would provide you with tailor-made solutions to all your freight forwarding needs and

As we constantly strive to strengthen and enhance our services to meet your changing needs, any challenges in the process are well-taken care of by our expert team and technology-enabled supply chain solutions.

Services Offered by The New Globe Group

The New Globe Group is India’s leading logistics company with a strong supply chain service.

We are known for our expert services such as,

  • Project forwarding services
  • Tracking and tracing services
  • Consolidation services
  • Freight forwarding services (by air, water, road)
  • Shipping dangerous and perishable goods
  • Warehousing
  • Ground transportation services and a lot more!

With over 70+ years of experience in multi-modal logistics and supply chain management, we have covered a wide variety of industry vertices. Hence, New Globe Logistik is known as the Best Logistics Company in India.

We have served hundreds of top companies in India and abroad which includes Acer India, Bosch Global, McDonald’s, Reliance Industries Ltd, Tommy Hilfiger, etc.

The services are rendered with the help of modern technology and multimodal transportation. Our team follows all the industry protocols and has a proven track record of 70+ years of experience and expertise in the logistics industry.

Why is The New Globe Group known as
‘The Best Logistics Company in India’?

The New Globe Logistik is a premiere ISO 9001 certified, IATA approved company. Along with this, the company obtains certifications like:

  • Authorized economic operator-lo certified
  • World Health Organisation’s good distribution practices… and a lot more!

Whether your company is a small, medium or a large enterprise, your transportation and shipping are what defines your business and keeps your brand moving around the world.

We at New Globe Group reciprocate through our work entirely with a progressive mindset. We carter all of your logistics needs and provide solutions for delivering innovative transportation solutions as they are vital for the success of your company and people we serve. Also, we are empowered by the talented and enthusiastic pool of executives who work to offer quality services to delight our clients.

NewGlobe has partnered with networks such as Seko, Panalpina and Prime Cargo in the past and each affiliation has helped both partners grow from strength to strength

We have built our business on 3 core values:

  • Excellence and innovation
  • Commitment to our valued customers
  • A dedicated solution to all your freight needs

And hence, while shipping your products all precautionary measures are taken care of by our expert team. Whether it would be flowers to Amsterdam, fresh fruits to the Middle East, transporting dangerous chemicals from China, or shrimps from Scotland – our expert team will work with you to ensure your goods remain in good condition until they reach the final destination.


On-Time Delivery and Expert Services.

Our expertly trained and managed team ensures that your goods arrive at the right time and the right place so that your business works smoothly. Due to this expert quality services, The New Globe Group is acknowledged as the best logistics company in India by our valued clients for its promptness, flexibility and expertise.

We are a preferred choice among our valued customers and the firm strives to maintain this unbeatable position in the upcoming future too.

Your Ideal Logistics Partner in India – The New Globe Group

Almost all companies hire a trusted and experienced logistics partner for their logistics needs and get professional logistic services for their businesses.

The process of shipping and supply chain might seem daunting to you, especially if you are in a new business. However, with the New Globe’s supply chain by your side, you don’t need to worry at all.

Here, every single shipment is looked after by dedicated customer service executives whose sole job is to track your shipments and keep you updated about it. Also, our Freight Forwarders will provide all the shipment details in a single mail to avoid any sort of miscommunications.

Just sit back, relax, and watch us take care of your entire shipment project!

We will not only get your goods delivered on time but will also help you get the best price with the best mode of transport.

To get highly-efficient logistics service from the best logistics company in India – get in touch with our team today!

For more information, visit the website: www.newglobegroup.com

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