• January 11, 2024

Steps Involved in International Freight Forwarding Service in India

The international freight forwarding process is the flow of shipment/goods between two global destinations. International freight forwarders in India arrange this transportation of cargo depending on the consignee’s/firm requirement.

Different kinds of products are imported and exported by freight forwarders in conjunction with air freight, ocean freight, or even by land transportation services depending on the destination and products that need to be shipped. Moreover, the freight forwarders take the entire responsibility for the consignments until they reach their destinations.

International freight forwarders in India usually follow the below sequence of steps during the shipment.

Storing Goods at the Warehouse/ Export Haulage

The process begins by moving the goods to the warehouse of the freight forwarder. Some international freight forwarders in India have tie-ups with various other warehouse solutions providers, while some have their own warehouse. However, the accountability for paying and arranging the export haulage depends on the agreement between the freight forwarder and the consignee.

Export Customs Clearance

This is an important step for international shipping. In this process, the freight forwarders ensure the cargo receives the clearance for leaving the country of origin. It requires the submission of a declaration – Electronic Export Information (EEI) – i.e. the data detailing the cargo and other supporting documents. International freight forwarding companies in India are well-versed with customs regulations and documentation. Hence, they handle this task effortlessly.

Origin Handling

Once freight forwarders receive the clearance, the goods are unloaded from the warehouse. It is then inspected and validated against their booking documents. Freight forwarders receiving the goods ensure every item is transported without any incident.

Import Customs Clearance

Import customs clearance typically begins before the cargo arrives at its destination country. The port authorities check the customs documents to make sure everything is in order. This import customs clearance task is either performed by the freight forwarder or by the agent of the freight forwarder, or by the customs house broker appointed by the consignee.

Destination Handling

This stage is equally crucial. International freight forwarders are responsible for handling the goods after it reaches the destination.

During this process, the goods are transferred from the ship to shore and from the port to the forwarder’s destination warehouse. It also involves unpacking of the container and preparing the cargo for the consignee to collect.

Import Haulage

In this stage, the cargo is transferred from the import warehouse to the consignee’s address. This process is either handled by the freight forwarder or by the local transportation agency appointed by the consignee, depending upon the agreement.

The overall process here is trimmed down to its basics, however, it is not that simple, as it seems. International freight forwarding companies in India undergo meticulous preparation and planning to successfully organize all segments of a shipment. Right from initial handling to final distribution – the entire process is given complete attention to detail to avoid any kind of risk or hassles.

International import and export of goods might present an opportunity for your business to expand the customer base, however, it can become very tedious if not handled rightly. Hence it’s important that you choose an experienced international freight forwarder in India to ease the task. The freight forwarder company will efficiently cover all the phases of the shipment process, leaving you
less worried and troubled.

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