• January 11, 2024

Everything You Need to Know FCL Shipment

FCL stands for “full container load”. This term is commonly used in the sea freight forwarding process.

FCL shipments use the entire container, unlike LCL – less than a container load – where shipments
share container space with other goods.

Benefits of FCL Shipment

If you are looking for a sea freight importer in India or a sea freight exporter in
to ship
bulk items and large-volume products – ensure you pick the FCL shipment option.

FCL ocean freight services offer several advantages. Some of them are listed below:

  • Saves Time:
    In FCL shipments ocean freight forwarders do not combine your goods with
    other shipments. As a result, the shipment doesn’t need to be loaded and unloaded several times.
    Instead, the whole container is transported directly to the final destination. This saves transit
  • Fewer Opportunities for Damage:
    In FCL ocean freight services, the entire
    container is
    loaded and sealed at the factory itself. Unless a container examination is required, the cargo is
    unloaded only when it reaches the destination warehouse. As a result, FCL has the advantage of
    significantly less handling compared to LCL shipments – since there’s no need to consolidate and
    de-consolidate other shipper’s cargo.
    It not only reduces the risk of damage but also maintains the integrity of your product throughout
    the shipment journey.
  • Cheaper:
    When you transfer your goods via FCL containers, you need to pay a flat fee
    and gain access to the whole container space. FCL is a better choice for businesses that prefer to
    ship a large amount of stock that can fill the whole.
    It’s worth charging a flat rate as the cost per unit on LCL shipment is much higher.


How Does FCL Shipping Work?

The process for FCL transport is more straightforward than LCL shipment. Here is a step by step
guide on how full container load shipment works: –

Stage 1: Book Your Shipment – Contact your logistics service company in India and book
the FCL shipment. Here you need to provide all the relevant shipment specifications to the
project cargo
The service provider will arrange the entire shipment, as per your needs.

Stage 2: Prepare Goods for Shipping – At this stage, the freight forwarder will start
preparing your

Stage 3: ‘Drayage’ – As soon as the goods are packed into the container, they will be
‘drayed’ or
transported towards the port – where all the goods will be exported.

Stage 4: Transit – Once at the port, the FCL shipment will transit to its desired

Stage 5: Pickup/ delivery – Once the shipment arrives at the destination port, the goods are
offloaded from the vessel. Here special transport arrangements are made to deliver the goods to the
final destination point.

What Types of Goods Can Be Shipped in
FCL Freight?

Just like the Less container load (LCL) shipment, you can ship almost all types of goods in FCL
shipment. However, just make sure you inform your project freight forwarder if your cargo requires
special handling or specific temperature requirements – especially if it’s perishable and dangerous
goods like meat and meat by-products, fish and seafood, dairy products, fruit and vegetables,
flowers, pharmaceutical products, chemicals, etc. Your service provider will customize the service
for you, so that your cargo remains in proper condition until it reaches the final destination.

Can You Choose an FCL Shipping Service,
For a Relatively Small Shipment?

Yes, you can choose an FCL shipping service, even for a relatively small shipment. If you are
concerned about the risk of damage or contamination of your freight and you want your container to
remain sealed from the point of origin to the point of destination, FCL will be your best option,
even if you are shipping a low volume of goods.

Factors that Influence FCL Rates

If you choose FCL, you pay a flat rate for the whole box, irrespective of how much it holds.
However, there are certain factors that influence FCL rates.

  • Availability:FCL ocean freight rates rise and fall with the availability of containers
    and space on carriers.
  • Peak Season:During these times the logistics demand is high and the container capacity
    becomes scarce. As a result, there is a spike in freight prices.
  • GRI:GRI or General Rate Increase is the amount by which ocean carriers increase their
    base rates across specific lines, generally as a result of increased demand.
    A GRI is usually announced once a year in a stable market, however, there have been instances of
    multiple GRIs in a year or none at all.


How Can You Track Full Container Load

Full Container Load transport can be easily traced. With the help of tracking technology, your
project freight forwarder will be able to track and trace the progress of the consignment.
You will
know where your FCL container is at any given time. The logistics company will provide the
transparency you need so that you can plan your business projects accordingly.

FCL Shipment at New Globe Group

If you are planning to opt for a Full Container Load shipment, ensure you find a logistics company
that has all the amenities and capabilities to provide you with a full container load shipment.

New Globe Group is one such company that offers FCL ocean freight shipment. One of the best sea
freight importers in India/ sea freight exporters in India
– this company has decades of experience
in managing all kinds of shipments.

New Globe Group’s strong international experience ensures that you get the right equipment and best
routing options for your FCL cargo to destinations across the globe. No matter what is the size,
dimensions, or volume of your goods, the team can transport your cargo as per your needs. All the
services are offered in accordance with the industry norms as per the requirements of clients.
Moreover, the team ensures the timely delivery of goods with a shipping cost that fits your budget.

To know more about this top international ocean freight forwarders in India – do get in touch with
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