• January 11, 2024

Air Freight Forwarding: Key Factors to Ensure a Successful Project Cargo Handling

The process of planning and organizing the transport of freight from one point to another – by air is called air freight forwarding. This process is much faster and more reliable than other modes of shipment. In most cases, it can also be cheaper.

In this section, we tell you how project cargo forwarders can successfully handle a project cargo transportation by air. Whether you are an air freight exporter in India or an air freight importer in India, ensure you follow this to-do-list. It will make your air freight forwarding process simple and hassle-free.

Smart Planning in the Preliminary Stages

Because of the complexity of the cargo and the need for attention to every detail, smart planning is of prime importance in the preliminary stages. Detailed planning, close coordination with all authorities, and complete transparency amongst stakeholders will not only help you eliminate risk, but will also help you avoid extra costs of transportation, duties, and taxes.

Project cargo forwarders should also remember that unexpected events can cause the initial plan to fail. Hence an alternative plan should be kept handy to minimize and resolve any issues that may occur during the process.

Conduct a Local Market Research About Right Customs and Regulations

Whether you are an air freight exporter in India or an air freight importer in India, always conduct a market research about the right customs and regulations, before you start the transportation process. When it comes to project cargo, this process can get even more difficult, because of the complexity of the cargo and the need for attention to every detail.

If you are sending your cargo shipment to any location, make sure the custom clearance is done properly and on time. If you have proper documentation in your hand you won’t face any difficulty in transportation – especially when the destination is a foreign location.

Choose the Right Kind of Container

In most cases, the air cargo contains dangerous or fragile goods, hence one needs to choose the right kind of container, in order to move the cargo from one point to another. The project cargo forwarders need to determine how the cargo will be taken and how it will be handled throughout the process. There is no standardized container/vessel or process for such cases. Each cargo needs to be treated as an isolated case to ensure it can get to the designated location in the proper condition as desired.

Project cargo handling involves a huge amount of money. Any small mistake can ruin the whole process. Therefore, always lookout for a trustworthy company or a partner – one that has an experienced project cargo forwarding staff.

Reliable project cargo forwarders will professionally handle the entire shipment process effectively. They will not only deliver the shipment on time but will also handle potential problems that may occur during the process.

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