• January 11, 2024

5 Ways to Improve Productivity Performance in Logistics Business

The logistics business drives on quick service and fast turn-around times. As a result, most project freight forwarders often find the movement of goods between trade partners an uphill battle!

There is a lot that goes on in the background before a shipment is in transit. Lack of proper
planning/preparation, can not only impact productivity but can also create unforeseen circumstances.

So how can you improve efficiency and productivity in the logistics business? Have a look at the
tips given below. Whether you are an air freight forwarder, ocean freight forwarder, or a normal
ground transportation service company, these tips can be applied in any kind of service or

Cross-train Your Staff/Workforce

Cross-training can be instrumental in boosting productivity in your business operations. When you
train your team member to perform different tasks, you are able to get support from within the
company instead of outsourcing or overloading one group of staff during hectic times.

Imagine the three legs of a stool. If one leg falls off, the stool is useless. The same situation
applies to business. If you lose an essential specialized worker, you might have to face a certain
loss or a delay in your operation. Cross-training your workforce eliminates these issues. Increasing
employees’ skillsets, not only helps you streamline your operations, but it also makes your company
more agile and responsive, no matter what the situation be.

Make Use of Technology

With the huge involvement of paper-based transactions, manual interventions, and multiple
stakeholders, transition to digitalization/automation and robotics needs to be the core focus of the
logistics industry. Right from warehouse management and monitoring to shipment tracking and
delivery, project freight forwarders can
make use of technology to streamline various tasks.
It can
reduce error, provide transparency, save time and cost and increase customer satisfaction. Moreover,
it will help you sustain in the competitive market – if you want your business to expand and grow.

Efficient Warehousing

An efficient warehouse maximizes streamlines operations and promotes productivity among its
workers. Here are some helpful tips for improving a warehouse’s performance:-

  • Maximize the warehouse layout in order to accommodate a large quantity of goods
  • Keep a sizable inventory
  • Ensure products/goods are rightly positioned
  • Streamline picking and packing process or define standard SOP’s for the same
  • Review the operational process on a regular basis


All the above tips will create minimal issues in locating or reaching required items. It will
save time and help you restock new goods effortlessly.



When the information is not transferred correctly to staff, it leads to misunderstanding and
confusion – which can be a reason for low productivity and downfall. Hence a business must follow
a healthy communication protocol.

Good communication helps you provide clear instructions – workers know exactly what is expected
from each of them. It makes the work process less stressful, faster, more efficient, and


Encourage, Motivate and Reward

Although there are numerous ways to enhance productivity, none of them will yield results if your
staff/workers aren’t motivated. Hence, one of the tried and true ways to increase productivity is
to reward your workers for being productive.

Tell employees they are doing a good job and give constructive criticism. Offer incentives for
doing the job well – it could be a financial raise, a gift voucher, a simple lunch/dinner party,
etc. When the staff is motivated, they are more likely to put extra effort into their day-to-day

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